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(no subject)
Shadow ship
Woo, more members, yay! \o/

It's cold in here. I get demotivated in the cold.

Anyone find that they work better when they're waiting for someone else to do something - for example if you've got maybe half an hour before a meeting and this somehow prompts you to be able to focus better for that short space of time?

Guess what? That's right, I should be doing something else right now!
Shadow ship
Hi everyone! :D

So, I'm, um, kinda bored. What're you doing?

Wait, so I can talk about procrastination as a way to procrastinate? Awesome.

I'm supposed to be doing lesson plans for my surprise!Home Ec class.  The obvious thing to do is start trying out recipes instead.  I'm excusing this procrastination by declaring it to be constructive research (as is browsing every recipe site on the internet while I wait for this mushroom suet pud to cook.  Honest.) 

I think really I need to stop rationalising my procrastination.  I'll always call something research, or say I can't possibly start project X until I have part Y.

(I also really need to do some garden work, but it's raining, so we're going to have a lesson plans vs. gardening procrastination death battle once the weather improves.)

Also, I use my 'working' icon to guilt trip myself into working.  Because I'd be lying if I don't actually do some work when using it.  :P

Oh look, a new community!
Shadow ship
I should be doing something else right now.

That something else is an academic article that I need to finish. But instead, I'm wasting my lovely paid employment lunchbreak with free Intarwebz on LJ, seeing lots of cool and interesting posts that are totally not safe for work and hence that will have to wait until Sunday (as I'm driving to Norfolk this evening, which is the Land the Internet Forgot). Oooo la.

OK paid employment beckons, as lunch is drawing to a close. In the face of The Article, work feels like a never-ending trickle of small, fun, procrastinatory tasks.