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ultharkitty wrote in procrastrs_r_us
I should be doing something else right now.

That something else is an academic article that I need to finish. But instead, I'm wasting my lovely paid employment lunchbreak with free Intarwebz on LJ, seeing lots of cool and interesting posts that are totally not safe for work and hence that will have to wait until Sunday (as I'm driving to Norfolk this evening, which is the Land the Internet Forgot). Oooo la.

OK paid employment beckons, as lunch is drawing to a close. In the face of The Article, work feels like a never-ending trickle of small, fun, procrastinatory tasks.

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it's like I have permission to bunk off and I'm still being productive OMG, SO MUCH YES!

And I don't know if I'm right to think it's OK for me to not work when I get home, or if I'm just lying to myself so that I can bunk off *nods in sympathy* Usually, when I get home my brain is too fidgety and restless to do anything focussed like academic writing, and just wants to be entertained.

I've been sporadically getting up before 7am recently to have a little bit of focussed time on my article before work, but it only worked to a degree, and I still haven't finished it!

I wish I could do that, but it usually takes me about an hour to get going in the morning, and I need my sleep. Plus I'm hopeless at going to bed early.

I think I need to tidy the flat again so that I can have a clean workspace.

Heh, I wish I could do it consistently :S

Best of luck with the tidying. When I have some spare time, I need to have a good clear out. Undoubtedly, I'll find something else to do that involves making a mess instead though :P

Yeah, I'd like to tidy, but there's always Morrowind...

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