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Wait, so I can talk about procrastination as a way to procrastinate? Awesome.
theo_harrison wrote in procrastrs_r_us

I'm supposed to be doing lesson plans for my surprise!Home Ec class.  The obvious thing to do is start trying out recipes instead.  I'm excusing this procrastination by declaring it to be constructive research (as is browsing every recipe site on the internet while I wait for this mushroom suet pud to cook.  Honest.) 

I think really I need to stop rationalising my procrastination.  I'll always call something research, or say I can't possibly start project X until I have part Y.

(I also really need to do some garden work, but it's raining, so we're going to have a lesson plans vs. gardening procrastination death battle once the weather improves.)

Also, I use my 'working' icon to guilt trip myself into working.  Because I'd be lying if I don't actually do some work when using it.  :P

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Yup, that's pretty much the idea

You know, one of my new years resolutions was not to take on any more random crafty projects... Hmmm, I'm not quite sure how this matches up with my make a loom/carpet/pair of trousers projects, or entering an icon contest, or signing up to two art exchanges (both of which I had to ask for an extension for)...

The rationalising illusion of productivity that surrounds taking on board new projects is just so alluring...

That's my other problem, my brain keeps whispering "You didn't even agree to do home ec, you suggested home ec and agreed to gardening, screw 'em!" and I have to tell it to shut up because I'm being relied on now. :(

That nice buzz of productivity is fine while it's new and exciting and then suddenly it's something that has to be done and all I can summon is 'meh'.

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