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Wait, so I can talk about procrastination as a way to procrastinate? Awesome.
theo_harrison wrote in procrastrs_r_us

I'm supposed to be doing lesson plans for my surprise!Home Ec class.  The obvious thing to do is start trying out recipes instead.  I'm excusing this procrastination by declaring it to be constructive research (as is browsing every recipe site on the internet while I wait for this mushroom suet pud to cook.  Honest.) 

I think really I need to stop rationalising my procrastination.  I'll always call something research, or say I can't possibly start project X until I have part Y.

(I also really need to do some garden work, but it's raining, so we're going to have a lesson plans vs. gardening procrastination death battle once the weather improves.)

Also, I use my 'working' icon to guilt trip myself into working.  Because I'd be lying if I don't actually do some work when using it.  :P

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Woo, yes! Very useful. Thanks!

I won't try the peanut butter thing (peanuts are one of the few foods I simply don't like and probably never shall), but the rest is useful.

I haven't had much luck with tinned tomatoes in the past in teh slow cooker (which is weird, because I use them in just about everything else). Which herbs would you use with them for a nice wintery dish?

Also, do you have any advice about using stock instead of tomatoes? Mum used to make a great sausage casserole, but, of course, that was with meat, and my attempts to duplicate it with veggie sausages haven't been taht successfull.


Um, for a wintery dish I usually use rosemary and/or thyme... maybe some crushed fennel seeds if I want a slightly aniseedy taste (my general rule of thumb is to use evergreen herbs for winter type dishes.)

I usually use about 300ml when it's stock, unless I'm adding rice (280g of rice needs approx 1.2 litres of water, so you can imagine how fast 300ml would dry up.) You can always add more if it turns out it needs it, but less is much harder to do. Oh, and if you're using pulses then the less salty the stock the better. :)

Eeeeexcellent. Thanks, that's really useful. Especially the actual figures for stock. I usually do things by eye, but I think with the slow cooker I could do with having some firm figures until I start managing to get something that works out of it.

Welcome. :) I'm sure you'll get used to it pretty quickly and be able to judge by eye again. TBH, my measure of 300ml came from pouring water into an empty tin and relising that that's a little much (1 tin = approx 380ml)

I think what really messes people up is the fact that the liquid doesn't reduce unless there's something in there to soak it up. So we're all used to chucking litres and litres of stock into things, and when it comes to slow cookers it's like "oh... hmmm... my food is like dishwater, wat happin?"

Well, see, Mum did tell me that would happen, but I just failed utterly in my attempts to get it right. "my food is like dishwater, wat happin?" captures it pretty well!

LOL, I know it because I've been there myself. XD

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